Testimonials from Teri's clients

"Teri's guidance and support has helped me through the most difficult times of my life and with my clinical depression. Teri has helped me differentiate between my issues and the issues of others in my life. Teri's advice helps me  determine how to approach people and situations that cause stress and unhappiness. Teri knows my natural tendencies and how some of them can negatively impact my happiness. We work together to make sure that I think through important life decisions.  I'm sure she can help you think more clearly and help you find productive ways to approach the issues impacting your life."
Bill C.
Boston, MA

"I have worked with Teri for 6 years and have experienced more personal growth than I could have ever hoped for.  Her ability to help peel back the layers that accumulate over a lifetime has allowed me to discover my authentic self and better understand how to focus on the very personal elements that make up a happy and contented life. "
L.J. Mann
Scituate, MA

"Teri Sica is by far the most effective therapist I have worked with. She is able to create possibilities with relationships that you may not have thought possible in a way that is nurturing and respectful. She is fully engaged during sessions with her and she helps to lead the conversation in the most useful way. As an individual that is struggling with the relationship I have with my mother, I feel that we are on a path to creating a new relationship that will work for both of us with healthy boundaries and respect. And with that I feel I will have a peace within me where there has been much turmoil. I highly recommend Teri Sica, she is amazing. "
Lisa C.
Scituate, MA

I have had the privilege to work with Teri for over 10 years and credit her for guiding me during many transitions in my career and personal life ....resulting in professional and emotional growth. Her unique balance of insight, guidance and humor propelled me to leap towards the fear of the unknown. Teri made a commitment and emotionally supported me at my pace and always "stopped and waited" if I grappled with resistance. Her unwavering want to meet me where I am and consistent message of "I am here for you"... always made me feel safe and trust her commitment to the our therapeutic journey!!  I am a stronger woman and therapist because of your contribution to my emotional journey!!

Thank You Teri!!
Ann Marie D. MacKinnon LICSW

About Teri

Teri Sica, LICSW is a fully licensed psychotherapist and coach with over 30 years of experience in private practice.  Her office is located in Scituate, MA.  Teri also works virtually, through phone sessions with clients across the United States.

Teri’s Core Working philosophy:

My work is based upon the belief that “Challenges are opportunities that lead to authentic growth and change”.

Teri’s Commitment:

 “My commitment is to be fully present and free of judgment, understanding and respecting the uniqueness of every individual.”

Teri’s Working Approach:

Teri’s approach is unique, positive and motivational.  “I bring much passion and energy to my work.  I easily engage with people and offer tangible tools so that our work expands itself beyond actual sessions.”

 “Establishing trust and a good strong connection with each client is so crucial to having a productive working relationship.  Together we set intentions, get a plan of action, and develop our roadmap for change.”

Teri’s Areas of Specialization and Expertise:

Teri’s areas of specialization include struggles in relationships, family problems, marital issues, life transitions, anxiety, depressions, stress, low self-esteem, authentic communication, living a more authentic life, and living within one’s truths. Teri also focuses on the power of “play” to reclaim one’s joy in life.

Teri’s Focus on Authenticity:

“I have learned that a common thread beneath every struggle relates back to authenticity.  When we can’t live within our own truths, we create many struggles for ourselves because we lose the connection with who were really ARE.  We lose the connection with who we were born to BE.  I guide each individual through a process of reconnecting with their authentic self to find their truths.  Once people can identify and live by their truths, the rest comes much more easily. THIS is when we discover our greatest insights, moments of JOY, and freedom.  It is through this process that people create the life they’ve REALLY wanted, and redefine their direction and purpose in life”.

Your journey...a gift

I am so grateful to be a part of each person’s journey, to be witness to that, and to facilitate this powerful transformational process.  It is truly a gift.  I look forward to serving you.


Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists” (SSCIT)
  • Member of the National Association of Clinical Social Workers (NASW)
  • Richard Levin & Associates (RLA)

Credentials / Licensing

  • University of Michigan – Masters Level Degree in Clinical Social Work
  • Oakland University – Bachelors Level Degree in Psychology
  • Commonwealth State of Massachusetts – Fully Licensed LICSW


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