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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Through my step-by-step Growth Acceleration Process, I provide very specific techniques and "experiments" to reconnect with your authentic self. The tools and techniques I offer are part of the combustion for refueling and taking positive action.

Step 1.  Set The Stage For Growth Through Authenticity.

Together we will establish the safety and trust needed for your growth.  This is a judgment free, “should free” zone.  
Authenticity is the fuel for your growth process.   It is through the experience of authenticity that you will find
your true freedom and power.

Step 2.  Identify Your Most Immediate Needs.

Together we will get right to the heart of what you need most.  While the past shapes us, the present is
where we create from.

Step 3.  Why Now?

What had you say “now” to this process?  Harnessing the fuel for change is what will drive us forward.

Step 4. Talk About The Trigger - Connect To Your Feelings.

While it might not feel good, challenges are opportunities for growth.  We will dive in together and explore
the pain points.  Understanding your relationship to your emotions is curative.  As part of this process,
I will support you in “naming” and taking ownership of your feelings.  From this place, transformation happens quickly.

Step 5.  Know Your Struggle Personality.

No two people struggle in the same way.  By pin pointing your struggle style you’ll know how you
get in your own way.  Knowing is half the battle!

Step 6.  Activate Your Over-AdultedAwareness - Revive Your Authentic Inner Child.

Busting through the myths that “play” is lazy, non-productive, and overly indulgent, readies you for
the freedom to experience JOY in its most authentic form. This is where it really gets fun! I will
provide you with playful experiments that unleash the spirit of your authentic child, reigniting your
curiousity and reconnecting to your self-compassion.  

Step 7.  The Growth Adjustment Period.

Resistance to growth and change can be tricky and unexpected.  Navigating through the obstacles to fully
live and own your growth, on a new level is critical.  This is where it is easy to default to old behavior patterns. 
Despite resistance, we will keep you on the path to expanding your growth and embracing joy.

Step 8.  Live The Joy Ripple Effect.

Joy expands.  There’s never a shortage.  You become a magnet for more.  Watch how this ripple effect
infuses into the different areas of your life.


I currently have openings available and look forward to serving you. Please contact me by phone (781) 561-5264 or email and we’ll talk!


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