teri sica
My working philosophy is based upon the belief that, “Challenges are opportunities that lead to authentic growth and change”. 

It is through your greatest life challenges and struggles, that you can discover your “truths.  These are your powerful transformational moments for redesigning
and redefining your life.  Challenges, pain and struggles offer opportunities for growth and expansion.  They are there to teach you something if you decide to listen.
I offer people very specific techniques and “experiments” to reconnect with their authentic self and rediscover the healing power of “play”.  I also offer people
tangible tools to partner with their challenges, stretch beyond their fears, and talk to themselves differently, to reclaim their JOY and make the shift from impossible to “possible”. 
The tools and techniques I offer are part of the combustion for refueling and taking positive action.

Every individual brings many unique gifts to this world.  These gifts, talents and strengths are too often buried or go unrecognized.  I believe in celebrating these gifts.


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